Kitten's Picks

Kitten is illiterate.

But I am, and sometimes I cheat on Kitten by reading about the antics of other cats, real and fictitious.

Here are a few of my favourite (feline) blogs:

(1) Maru -- Follow the adventures of Maru. The most ridiculous Scottish Fold, nay cat, in the entire world. Haven't met Maru yet? YouTube him first and you will fall in love.

(2) Cat versus Human -- Comics depicting the realities of owning cats.

(3) Simon's Cat -- Animated videos capturing the essence of cat.

(4) Cute Overload -- Okay, so this isn't JUST about cats... it is oh, so much more.

(5) Happy or Hungry -- Again, not a "cat" blog, however, it is written by my friend who has cats and even did a guest post for me. She often mentions her cats (or does full posts dedicated to them) and writes about lots of other amazing antics.

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