May 14, 2011

Lost & Found: Return of the Bag

Wow, working full time = Catherine forgets about Kitten blogging!

Luckily, I have something pretty exciting for you today. You might remember in my post, Kitten: Bags & Boxes, I mentioned that some of the very best Kitten-in-bag pictures I had taken had been lost. Well today, I found them! 

 As you might be able to tell (depending on your gender) this is a La Senza bag, which means, that not only did Kitten get a bag, he also got some bonus tissue paper. It was a pretty exciting day.

Soon after getting the bag, Kitten somehow poked a hole in the side, which apparently, increased the bag's value by about about 500%. 

He would hide in the bag and try to attack us through the hole, since clearly we had no idea he was under the bag. It got pretty intense. 

 The hole was just big enough to fit a paw, while maintaining a view of his prey.

 Boyfriend decided to try it out too. He wasn't quite as good as Kitten.

P.S. Today I had lunch with my blog muse! I originally started the Kitten blog on the advice of an old high school friend / "colleague" (we both worked at Dairy Queen). She has a blog too, which I read daily and you can check it out at (which I highly recommend doing). She is also much better at keeping up with posting than me!

May 4, 2011

Contacting Kitten and Cat Grass

Okay, so quickly: I have some potentially exciting news. I am sure some of you have questions about Kitten that you are just dying to ask, or maybe you have a great post idea that you would like me to know about. Well now you can ask those questions and send those post ideas to me... through email! Amazing, I know, I know. But wait. It's not just any email... it's Kitten email! 

If you feel so inclined, please feel free to email me or Boyfriend at or (obviously respectively). You can also find these email addresses on the "Contact Kitten" page.

While I did toy with the idea, I did not create an email account for Kitten. I feel ashamed admitting this, but Kitten is in fact 100% illiterate. He would have no use for an email account. But I promise, that if you send me or Boyfriend an email, we will eventually read it. We probably won't respond, but we might. Though you seriously can email me (or Boyfriend) with ANY question (preferably about Kitten) that you have and when I have enough questions, I will do a post on it. Also, feel free to email me with post ideas and if I don't think you are are complete creative failure, I might do the post.

Now for today's post:

You might remember from The Quest for Regularity that Boyfriend and I bought some cat grass for Kitten to help him with his problem. If I hadn't thought it would make the situation worse, I would have made Kitten try Shatner's "Two Week Challenge," but we decided that cat grass was the safer bet. 

When I planted the cat grass seeds (which by the way is just a combination of barley and oats and other wonderful things) they looked like this:

In less than a week, it looked like this:
Crazy eh? 

Aside from Kitten's "problem," Boyfriend and I had wanted to get some cat grass for Kitten for some time. We hoped that if Kitten had a plant he was allowed to eat, he wouldn't try to eat plants he is NOT allowed to eat. I am going to go off on a bit of a tangent here, but bear with me. 

As I mentioned in my post Kitten: Destroyer of Life, Kitten has a thing with destroying plants and between Kitten and Boyfriend and I, pretty much every plant in our apartment has met an untimely demise.

Except for one.

We have this one vine that is impossible to kill with neglect AND we keep it behind our television so Kitten cannot not pillage it, as per his MO.

As you can see from the picture on the right, we stacked up a whole bunch of old textbooks so it can still get sunlight, yet Kitten cannot get to it (unfortunately, our studies have, as of yet, been insufficient to fully elevate the poor vine).

We thought we were pretty smart, outsmarting our disabled cat. But somehow, Kitten won.

He discovered that he is in fact able to jump up on that little ledge beside the TV and reach the plant. In the past few days, he has greatly taken advantage of this newfound knowledge...

I know there is some adage to capture perfectly what I am about to say, but I can't remember it: Sadly for Kitten, it is the plants that he loves the most, that hurt him the most. While undoubtedly delicious, Mr. Vine Plant is slightly toxic. This means that the bits that Kitten is able to sneak before we catch him, don't stay "sneaked" for very long. They have a strange way of "unsneaking" themselves onto our bathmat. (Don't fret; we found a way to use out kitchen door to block Kitten from jumping on the ledge, preveningt him from constantly ingesting toxic flora.)

All of this, is why we had very high hopes for the the cat grass. We were finally giving Kitten a plant he is allowed to eat. This, was his first reaction:

I can't say I have ever seen Kitten less impressed about anything in his entire life. 

After a while, he did decide to see what all the fuss was about and began to investigate the annoying thing that Boyfriend and I kept placing directing in front of him. 

Below is a quick video clip of Kitten making his first investigation. Please be warned, it is going to sound like there is no audio and then half way through I yell at Kitten to stop grinding his teeth (one of his many horrible habits). I thought I should let you know, since when I watched the clip before posting it I jumped a bit when this happened. It is very unexpected and I don't want to scare my Kitten blog readers.

This was the extent of Kitten's interest in the cat grass upon the first introduction. A day later I moved it to a spot he might find more intriguing. At first he was equally unimpressed: 

But he soon gained interest. 

Below is Kitten's second foray into the wonderful world of cat grass. He is clearly trying a bit harder this time. Personally, I think the problem is that he is embarrassed since his face is flat and he can't get a good bite out of it.
(I would like to apologize to one of my Kitten blog readers - who shall remain unnamed - for the music in the background)

As of yet, I am still unsure whether Kitten actually likes the cat grass or not. He seems to investigate it at least once a day and I usually find semi-chewed pieces of it lying on the ground, but nothing conclusive.