November 27, 2011

What is up with Kitten's Whiskers?

Have you every noticed how absurd Kitten's whiskers are?

No? Let me demonstrate:
Here, we have a couple of great specimens. At the top, we have a whisker growing vertically out of the top of Kitten's head, followed by a long and arching whisker, growing almost horizontally out of the top of Kitten's head. At the bottom, we have a grouping of whiskers that have become displaced, seemingly due to their sheer volume.

Aside from the fact that I have absolutely zero knowledge as to what is happening in this picture, it proves to be a fine example of the scope of Kitten's whiskerage.

In this one, you are able to view both the length and arch of Kitten's eyebrow whiskers.

Here, Kitten's whiskers have literally taken over the focus of the picture. 

I saved this one for last, because I think it catches the best of all of Kitten's whisker abnormalities. 
(Also, he can't quite close his mouth.)

Do you see what I mean?

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