May 14, 2011

Lost & Found: Return of the Bag

Wow, working full time = Catherine forgets about Kitten blogging!

Luckily, I have something pretty exciting for you today. You might remember in my post, Kitten: Bags & Boxes, I mentioned that some of the very best Kitten-in-bag pictures I had taken had been lost. Well today, I found them! 

 As you might be able to tell (depending on your gender) this is a La Senza bag, which means, that not only did Kitten get a bag, he also got some bonus tissue paper. It was a pretty exciting day.

Soon after getting the bag, Kitten somehow poked a hole in the side, which apparently, increased the bag's value by about about 500%. 

He would hide in the bag and try to attack us through the hole, since clearly we had no idea he was under the bag. It got pretty intense. 

 The hole was just big enough to fit a paw, while maintaining a view of his prey.

 Boyfriend decided to try it out too. He wasn't quite as good as Kitten.

P.S. Today I had lunch with my blog muse! I originally started the Kitten blog on the advice of an old high school friend / "colleague" (we both worked at Dairy Queen). She has a blog too, which I read daily and you can check it out at (which I highly recommend doing). She is also much better at keeping up with posting than me!

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  1. haha, blog muse. I had a good time and I'm glad it finally happened!
    The pic of Kitten's paw and eye in the hole kills me!