February 17, 2011

Kitten: Bags & Boxes

I apologize for the lack of Kitten Blog lately. I have no excuse. Times have started to get stressful at school again and I can appreciate that some Kitten Blogging might be necessary to provide an outlet for procrastination for both myself and fellow Factum writers.

This entry is all about Kitten and his love for boxes and bags. Of course, this love is not unique. From what I have heard, pretty much all cats love a good bag or box. I still thought you might enjoy a few good pictures of Kitten while he is exploring these magical places.  Sadly, I seem to have lost some of the best Kitten-in-bag pictures from about a year and a half ago. These pictures were taken pre-MacBook and were most likely lost in the numerous re-formattings required by my old and unfaithful Dell. 


I am not sure why we had this box laying around, but Kitten thoroughly enjoyed it. Boyfriend & I briefly considered transforming it into a castle for Kitten, but decided against it. I was opposed to the eye-sore it would create and I am pretty sure Kitten is colour blind anyway. 

Kitten's favourite time of the week is grocery shopping day. Not only does he get a chance to chew through the  bread bag before we get a chance to put it away, he also gets to romp in a wonderland of bags. 

Boyfriend and I always use reusable bags, so there is never any threat of suffocation. Though sometimes, we forget Kitten is in the bags and step on him. We also like to play a game where we pretend we don't realize he is in the bag and then carry it around. I don't think Kitten appreciates the joke, but I do think he finds the ride fun.

I am not too sure what is going on here. I feel like Kitten may have thought he was invisible and tried to spy on me and Boyfriend. That or he just woke up and was really confused about being in a bag. He might have also forgotten how to get out. 
I know I have posted one of these before, but the series of them are quite priceless. Kitten seemed to be under the impression that he could sufficiently fit inside the soda cracker box. As you an see below, he was not impress when he realized that I could in fact still see him. Or he may have just been eating some soda cracker crumbs. You can never really tell with Kitten.
The finale of this Kitten Blog entry is a brief video clip of Kitten playing with a bag. I should have mentioned earlier that "bag play" is not always fun and games for Kitten. He takes it very seriously and unfortunately, sometimes the bag wins. This is one of those times.

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