August 29, 2011

Boyfriend is Gone & School is Starting

Boyfriend has left me and Kitten.

That is, he has left us to go on a trip to Greece with two of his friends.
Boyfriend is the one making the awkward model-esque pose on the right. By the way, how jealous am I?
This may confuse you -- let me explain: while I have frequently alluded (or outright stated) to the fact that Boyfriend has no friends (mentioned here) I may have been exaggerating a bit. Boyfriend in fact has many friends in Ottawa (where he lived his entire life until I stole him away to Toronto). Anyway, some of these secret friends of his invited him to Greece for a party-boat tour of the islands. How could he say no?

Before Boyfriend left, I tried to take a few cute pictures of Kitten and myself to put in a card that I had gotten for him to open once he got to Greece. It really did not work. These were some of the best takes:

He won't be gone long, but while he is gone, I have been left with sole custody of Kitten. I am currently trying to deal with the gigantic mat that is Kitten's fur. Boyfriend, who is on brushing duty, has been slacking and I have been left to deal with it. Every now and then I will sneak attack Kitten and cut a few mats out or get a guerrilla brushing in, but he generally does not take well to it.

In addition to Boyfriend's absence, school is once again starting, which means Kitten feels the need to spend a lot more time walking in front of my laptop and lying on my things. The past few days I have been working quite hard on applications for 2012 summer jobs and Kitten has been doing a lot of this:

I do have an update on Kitten's toilet training for you, but I think I will dedicate an entire post to that later this week or next... so check back later if you are interested in hearing about the toilet training of my cat.

That last statement just made me question why anyone reads my blog at all.    

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  1. Yay for pictures of yourself on the blog!
    So my cat was definitely also molesting my MacBook today. Silly kitties...