March 6, 2011

Custody of Kitten

The other day, after a heated debate in Property class about the discrepancies of property rights between married and common law couples, Mike asked me who would get Kitten if Boyfriend and I ever broke-up. 

This is an excellent question and one that Boyfriend and I have discussed many times. Not because we plan on breaking-up, but because Kitten is our most valued possession and it is important to have these things sorted out. 

As I mentioned in my very first blog post, In The Beginning..., Kitten was a Christmas present from Boyfriend to me. I am pretty sure that this solves any actual debate about who would get to keep Kitten. However, this was not the end to our discussion. 

First we argued about who Kitten likes more. I said Kitten likes me more because I am nicer to him; I chase him less and he seems much less anxious around me. Boyfriend said Kitten likes him more because Boyfriend has cheese parties with Kitten and Kitten likes to cuddle with Boyfriend in the mornings. I countered this by pointing out that I too could have cheese parties with Kitten, I just don't eat as much cheese, and that the only reason Kitten cuddles with Boyfriend in the mornings is because Boyfriend is lazy and stays in bed while I get up to do things. We decided that since Kitten has yet to learn English, it would be impossible to figure out who he likes more.

We moved on to trying to figure out who would take better care of Kitten. Boyfriend said he would because he is the one who brushes him. I agreed that this is true, however, a few months ago Boyfriend lapsed in his brushing duties and Kitten became a matted beast. We had to cut all of his mats out and now he looks like he has mange and/or scurvy. I then said that I would take better care of Kitten because Boyfriend has never changed his litter once and I am also the one who feeds Kitten and cleans and fills his water bowl. Boyfriend countered this by saying that he would feed him if I didn't (a lie because once I was away visting family for three days and Kitten had no food when I came back), he doesn't need clean water in his bowl because he likes toilet-water better (true), and I was right, the litter wouldn't get changed. We both agreed that it takes two people to bathe Kitten and to cut his nails.   

Finally we argued about who needs Kitten the most. I said that I did because I loved him more and he was my gift. Boyfriend countered this by saying that he loved him more and that Kitten was his only friend (true) and he would't have anyone but Kitten if we broke-up (true). 

Our Kitten tug-of-war debate has never been resolved... 

So who do you think should get Kitten if Boyfriend and I ever break up? You can vote on the left side of the page.

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