January 30, 2012

...Back Again

Today, I was very busy. I had a lot things that had to get gone now.

So of course, Kitten decides to act like he needs to go back to the vet (missed that? go here).

Starting mid-day yesterday and continuing into this morning, Kitten started doing exactly what he was doing before I took him to the vet: he would climb into his litter, not do much, jump out, meow to himself, and generally lie there looking depressed. He would do this on repeat every half hour or so.

When I spoke with the vet on the phone yesterday, she had told me that this might mean he was "clogged up" again and that if it continued into the next day that I should bring him back in. So this afternoon around 12:30, I dropped everything I was doing and hauled Kitten back to the vet.

As it turns out, Kitten was perfectly fine. 

Though it would probably be unfair to say that his behaviour was "faking it," since the vet informed me that he is probably still in a lot of pain from the infection. She suggested an anti-inflammatory along with some pain mediation.


I am so poor. 

I wish I hadn't taken him at all, since realistically, the trip and the two new mediations were not necessary. I know I could have turned the new prescriptions down, sucking up the cost of the actual visit only, but (a) I didn't want to look like the worst pet owner alive; and (b) I really do want to help Kitten feel better.

So another $158.25 later... 
I labelled them to keep track of when Kitten gets what.

How am I suposed to make this work?

I already lost THREE doses of antibiotics this morning trying to: (a) jam one down Kitten's throat (he foamed at the mouth... again); (b) crushing the failed-pill into wet food (that he wouldn't touch); (c) crushing a new pill into milk (that he wouldn't touch); and (d) crushing a third pill into peanut butter (that he licked once and quickly realized was tainted).

The vet suggested that I coat the pills in butter before jamming them down his throat to help them slide down.


Luckily one of the new medications is in liquid form and I have been informed that this is often much easier to administer to a wary cat.

Well, I'm off to grease up some pills in hopes that they will just shimmy right down Kitten's throat.


  1. Aww, poor Kitten. And your poor wallet.
    I don't know about the liquid form...Winnie was on some liquid medication when she was having digestive issues and she haaaaated it. One person had to hold her while the other person jammed the eyedropper down her throat, and then she would be all dramatic and start foaming at the mouth. I don't know if she actually swallowed any of it.
    Good luck with that.
    What if you crushed up Kitten's pills and put them in his food?

  2. I did it!

    Crushing in the food didn't work because Kitten only eats when HE wants to eat and I am pretty sure he knew I was trying to trick him.

    But the vets idea of butter worked!

    This morning I get the liquid and two pills that don't taste bad down with no troubles at all (using the pill plunger) and them I covered the one he hates in butter and used the pill plunger to get it in as well. The whole thing probably took five minutes. It was fantastic!

  3. wow!! lovely kittens, i loved to see them, i just want to catch them , they are looking amazing, thanks for sharing with us and all other information related to kittens, keep posting!