February 12, 2012

My In-Bread Cat, Kitten

FIRST, let me start by saying that Kitten is doing much better!

Covering his pills in butter actually worked. He finished all of his medication last week and seems to be in pretty good health.

Now let me get to what I really want to talk about: Breading.

Breading cats has become a (relatively) recent internet craze, and being the fan of bandwagons that I am, I thought I should give it a go.

If you haven't heard of "breading", I would suggest a quick Google search of the term.

To put it simply (or more aptly, to put it in a way that channels Dr. Seuss): You cut a hole in a bread and then slide said bread on a cats head.

It was too difficult for me to choose my favourites, so here are all of the pictures I took of my attempt to "bread" Kitten.


The fact that the bread was covering his whiskers seemed to have temporarily thrown off his balance.

He was unimpressed.

Then I decided to pull out some of his face-fur.

Also unimpressed.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that, because I can guarantee that Kitten did not... except for that brief movement, before I forced his flat little face though the bread, when he thought that he might actually get to eat the bread. Oh how wrong he was.


  1. Hello there! I just came upon your blog and holy cow! This is one of the cutest posts ever!! I seriously love cats and your cats are ADORABLE! :)

  2. Hahaha thanks!

    "Adorable" is not a word that I hear often when people are describing Kitten.