March 4, 2012

Up Close and Personal

Moment of honesty: I contemplated calling this post "Up Close and Purr-sonal."

I typed it out, and then gagged a little when I read it back in my head. I may write a blog about my cat, but I still have some dignity. I have boundaries and they don't extend to puns incorporating the word "purr."

But this post isn't about my body's physical response to "purr" puns. This post is about how, when I don't have anything better to do when I have exhausted every other form of procrastination, I like to get all up in Kitten's grill.

So please enjoy these incredibly close-up shots of Kitten, because he sure didn't.


  1. Haha you sound a lot like me. Cat photos, harassment, dress-up> everything else i should be doing :)

  2. Cats are adorable. I have a cat too! Do you want to see some photos here?