December 8, 2010

The Awkward Stage of Kittenhood

You know that awkward stage of childhood where even the cutest kids get really ugly for a year or two? (No? Maybe that was just me.) Kitten however, definitely went through that same stage.

 I know, I know, you probably don't believe me since Kitten is just so darn handsome at his ripe age of two, but I have evidence.

I hope you enjoy this look back at Kitten's uncomfortable stage.

I know people always think that kittens are just the cutest, but now you have empirical to prove them wrong. 

I think Kitten's ugliness as a kitten made us love him even more. He was such a little ragamuffin that it was impossible not to love him. He may have been an ugly duckling, but he has since grown into a slightly less ugly, straggly, angry swan.

 And once again, my favourite last.