December 4, 2010

In The Beginning...

Welcome to the very first Kitten post!

Instead of studying for Contract Law this morning, I thought I would start a little blog for Kitten. I am sure most people reading this will be well acquainted with Kitten already, but for those who aren't, here is a bit of Kitten's background:

Kitten was my Christmas present from Boyfriend two years ago, though we actually picked him up from the breeder on my birthday On the way over I had visions of returning home with one of those kittens in the toilet paper commercials. It was pretty tough choosing anyone of the kittens out of a Himalayan-Persian litter. They were all so adorable and cuddly and fluffy. And then, there was Kitten. He was alone and straggly and greasy, by far the ugliest of the bunch. We knew instantly that he was the one for us.

We got Kitten home and he immediately fell asleep trying to climb out of his litter box.

As my future posts will make clear, Kitten isn't exactly normal. But looking back on his kittenhood, I think Boyfriend and I might have had something to do with that. 

Our first idea as the proud new care-givers of a little living creature was to put it between two slices of bread and pretend it was a sandwich.

(This is also why we should never have children. We would probably do the exact same thing with a newborn child. Our view is that pretty much any small and adorable living thing needs to be put between bread slices at least once.)

I do promise you though that kitten was not harmed in anyway. He actually really enjoys bread... and cheese... and Nibs.

Kitten also had quite the walleyes as a kitten. He was our little Marilyn Monroe if you will.  

Kitten was in fact a very well tempered kitten. He never caused troubles, never whined and loved to sleep on the end of our bed.  The real trouble began when Boyfriend started play fight with him. I tried to explain that it was cute now, but when he grew up and developed real teeth and claws, it wouldn't be so fun. Of course Boyfriend did not listen and now we have a large and very agressive Kitten on our hands.

This is of course only a very brief introduction to Kitten. You'll get to hear all about adult Kitten in a bit, but for now I will leave you with a picture of Kitten's first bath. He didn't enjoy it.

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