December 6, 2010

Kitten and Personal Hygiene

It's the night before the big contracts exam, so what am I doing? Posting a Kitten blog of course!

As I have mentioned before, Kitten has a personal hygiene problem. He doesn't quite know how to bathe himself properly (I think he gets this from Boyfriend), so from time to time, he needs a bath. The one thing Kitten does have in common with other cats is his intense hatred of being wet. Unfortunately for Kitten, being wet isn't the only horror he sufferers when getting a bath. Kitten also needs to be blow-dried afterwards. If he isn't, he gets mouldy and matty, and we try to avoid letting mouldy matty things live in out apartment with us. If there is one thing Kitten hates more than being wet, it's the hair-dryer.

For all of my fellow studiers I hope you get a moment of joy out of this. 

I think he might want out.

This is what needs to be done to dry Kitten. We have to wrap him up and dry him bit by bit so he can't escape. Sometimes he does, and then he retaliates. It's best just to make sure he doesn't escape until it's over.

 I saved my favourites for last!


  1. I still maintain he looks like a hairy, wet ET!!

  2. I'd like to request a video of the blowdrying action...

  3. The more I read the more I refuse to sleep in the same room with it... seriously when I come over you have to keep it in your room. I don't want rabies again