February 22, 2011

Kitten's Cat-Naps

One thing that Kitten undoubtedly has in common with all other cats (and boyfriend) is his love for naps. Kitten spends about 85% of the day wandering around the apartment looking for the best places to nap. While boyfriend tends to stick to the couch and the bed, Kitten often strives for creativity. 

Here are Kitten's top places to nap around the apartment:

1. Anywhere I am trying to study.

2. The Chair 

I am not sure what Kitten is doing here, but he does it often.

3. In Drawers: I try to keep these drawers closed because the unit is from IKEA and the drawers can barely handle the weigh of socks. Kitten however, never fails to find his way into one the second I forget to close it.

4.  By the Door: I am not sure if it is the smell of the shoes or because this is the area we keep pizza boxes until they make it down to the recycling, but Kitten loves napping by the door.

Unfortunately, Kitten often gets crushed when one of us comes home and opens the door. He gives us a very unimpressed look when this happens.

5. The Amp: This was Kitten's favourite spot for quite some time. Unfortunately for Kitten, Boyfriend and I found a oscillating fan in the garbage and it has taken over this spot. 

6. By His Food: I am sure this one does not come as a surprise. Kitten can often be found napping by his food. I am pretty sure he does this so in the event that new food is poured into his bowl (or someone is having cheese) he won't need to travel far. 

7. On the filing cabinet: This is by far one of Kitten's favourite napping places. The problem is, it is also where boyfriend and I tend to place unpaid bills, pens, highlighters etc, all of which end up on the ground or under the heater.

8. The Bed: Probably the most conventional place Kitten likes to sleep is the bed. He will tend to nap here at least once a day. However, if there is a person in the bed, Kitten will likely walk on their face to indicate that it is his turn. He believes in sharing. 

9. The Windowsill: Before Kitten, Boyfriend and I used to try to place decorations or plants on the windowsill. Kitten seemed dissatisfied with out decorating and took to removing anything placed there. Windowsills are now solely for Kitten napping.

10. The Floor: The most tried and true of the Kitten nap spots. Nothing seems to pale to our tile and parquet floors, by far, Kitten's most treasured of all napping places.

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  1. You need to post pictures of boyfriend's favourite napping places....they might look similar to kitten's.