February 19, 2011

NOT Kitten

This is not a Kitten blog post. This is an entry about my pets however, or more correctly, my family's pets.

I decided to go home for the longweekend since Boyfriend is working 12 hour shifts the entire time. When I spend too much time alone, I end up eating only cookies and ice cream and watching bad chick  flicks (circa 2000).  The saddest part about leaving my Toronto apartment, is leaving Kitten. While there is definitely no shortage of domesticated animals in my childhood home, none of the many furry critters here compare to Kitten. 

I am sure these ordinary animals will bore you. You might not even make it past the first two pictures. But look on if you like.

You probably won't Enjoy!

 Tony: Only likes drinking water from running faucets.

Rookie: Always looks depressed.

Lilly: Obese.

Giorgio: Used to be my cat in undergrad, but she was lame so I passed her on to the fam.

Rattigan: My sister's rat. 

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