April 20, 2011


Exams are finally over, which means I can get back to regular Kitten blogging! When I sat down to do my first post-exam blog, I wasn't sure where to start. I've had so may ideas floating around in my head the past few weeks and Kitten has also been up to so many crazy things. After much thought, I finally decided on a look-a-like post. 

Over the break, Erica sent me a picture of a baby ewok that looked just like Kitten in a picture from the post Sandwich Fail. This was definitely not the first time that I had thought Kitten looked like an ewok. When he was little, Boyfriend and I used to call him our little ewok. But an ewok isn't the only thing that Kitten has had a striking resemblance to. When I showed Boyfriend the ewok picture, he said that I should do a look-a-like blog, and have people vote for who they think Kitten looks most like. And viola; today's blog!

Below are what I feel to be the best Kitten matches. I have set up a poll on the left side of the blog for you to vote for who you think Kitten looks most like. Enjoy!



The Grinch

 Zuul (from Ghostbusters)

Don't forget to vote!


  1. My daughter, Lily, 7, also thinks Zuul, but I already voted once so I can't vote again!
    Stefanie - your Mom's friend!

  2. I already wrote a comment on this, but it's not here! Maybe I forgot to post... Anyway, just want to say I DIED laughing at this :)