April 27, 2011

Photo Booth

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! I have been eating lots of chocolate (something Kitten is NOT allowed to try) and catching up on some cleaning that got neglected during exams!

A few posts ago I asked my faithful blog readers to vote for who they thought Kitten most resembled. Well the votes are in and this is what the majority voted for:

I can't say I disagree, though I think my favourite was the Grinch... You can see the results for yourself on the Old Poll Results page.

I also have a quick update about Kitten's regularity issues (see here). Shortly after switching the dry food and starting with some wet food, Kitten had what you might call a "reversal" of his previous problem. I'm not going to get into this one, but it seems to be back to normal now. 

Today I thought I would share with you some photos that Boyfriend and I took a while back with my laptop. They were taken with the Photo Booth program and I think you will enjoy them!

I apologize. Kitten isn't as good at making faces as Boyfriend and I.
I think I was trying to make it look like I was eating Kitten. It didn't really work.

Clearly, we were pretending to be sucked into Kitten.

I can't decide if I like Kitten or Boyfriend's face better in this one.

I personally like the droopy hairs above Kitten's eyes in this one.

I think this perfectly captures how Kitten was feeling at the time.

Boyfriend is attempting to make Kitten into a Cyclops.

Boyfriend realizes he doesn't want to be in the pictures without me.

We all look pretty normal in this one.

The end!
After going through all of these pictures, I realized that they might only be funny to Boyfriend and I, in which case I apologize for the lame Kitten blog entry. Bare with me, I am still recovering my brain from school. Keep checking in, and I promise Kitten will get his groove back!

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