April 15, 2011

Full-Time Study Buddy

First, I want to for apologize for my absenteeism. Unfortunately, there was just no way to justify Kitten blogs during this round of studying. But, while I may not have been able to post anything during the past week, I did manage to take many pictures of Kitten as he helped (impeded) me in my studies. 

Also, I know this isn't much of a post, but I do have a few more elaborate ideas in the works for when exams are actually finished, so stay tuned...

Oh, and those books to the right found their way into the recycling about 2 minutes after the exam.

Please enjoy some of the best Study Buddy moments...

Kitten's favourite place to be when I am studying is right behind my laptop. Most days he will stay there the entire day as I study. Though, sometimes he likes to see how how many highlighters he can knock off the table before I get mad (the answer is one). On occasion, he will get a sticky-tab stuck in his tail and I usually get a few moments of enjoyment watching him frantically try to get it out. 

Sometimes he would try to steal my spot when I got up. I am not too sure what his plan was, but I assumed that he had not taken over my spot to finish my notes on future interests, so I would move him.

This usually made him mad, but he would just look at me with his ears back and then go back to lying behind the laptop.

Then there were other times when he would just be so adorably cute that I would need to stop and pet him. Of course that would just get him purring like a little motor boat and be an even bigger distraction.

There were also times when he would try to attack my headphones. It was cute at first, but he started getting really aggressive. Some of you may be aware of what Kitten has done to my laptop cord; I didn't want that to happen to my headphones too.

And yes, my favourite mug is a Jonas Brother's mug. I love it NOT because I have a secret love of the Jonas Brother's, but because my wonderful mom bought it for me for Christmas AND she bought it NOT because she thought I would like a Jonas Brother's mug, but because she knew I wouldn't, and that is why it is the best mug. 

As you can see above, I was also able able to snap a picture of Kitten mid-yawn. I thought it would be super cute, but it wasn't. Apparently there is a brief moment during his yawn when Kitten turns into Predator.

I really have no idea what is going on below. At one point during the study marathon, Kitten jammed his face under a pile of books. He slept like that for a really long time. It was bizarre, even for Kitten.

Also, here a a couple of the videos I took. The first one is Kitten battling my headphones and the second one is Kitten being super adorable. If you turn the volume up all of the way, you should be able to hear Kitten: (1) Make a cute sleepy noise; (2) Purr; and (3) Lick his lips.

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  1. I could honestly look at pictures of Kitten all day long.