July 22, 2011

... and they came and they left tokens of their appreciation.

[UPDATE: Please read "Ex-" before any mention of "Boyfriend"]

After our "Sandwich Fail" we had to do something with that gigantic and broken loaf of bread. I considered picking off the Kitten hair and using it, but Boyfriend wasn't down. We decided that we would take it to a park near us and feed the squirrels, but we never got around to it. 
Then one day, I came home and saw the loaf of bread lying on our balcony. I asked Boyfriend why the bread was on the balcony and he said that he had put it there to attract pigeons so Kitten could watch them, since Kitten loved it so much the day the pigeon came.

I am pretty sure we are the only people to ever try to attract pigeons to our balcony. I always see balconies with plastic bags tied to them or screen covering the opening to keep pigeons out. Anyway, we wanted pigeons, and sure enough, we got pigeons.

Kitten absolutely loved it. Every time he heard that seductive cooing he would rush to the window to catch a glimpse. The pigeons that came were generally shy and would fly away when I came to the window, but I was able to snap a few pictures for you. 

At first I thought the pigeons were great. Kitten loved watching them and I was glad he had something to do during the day. Then one day I went out on the balcony and realized that the pigeons were leaving small donations for the bread that we were so generously providing. 

I was not too impressed, but Boyfriend seemed to think it was worth it for Kitten's happiness. 

Today, the bread is still there and the pigeons still come. But it's okay -- we don't really go out on the balcony much anyway, as I am sure you can tell from the cleanliness our the windows.

[UPDATE: The problem only got worse.  The balcony has become completely unusable due to the massive amounts of pigeon crap covering it.  They still come, even though the bread is long since gone.]

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