July 18, 2011

It's amazing we can even keep Kitten alive...

If this is your first time reading my Kitten blog or if you have a bad memory, you might want to read this and this before moving on to today's post.

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After overcoming his initial misgivings, Kitten seemed to take quite a liking to the cat grass that Boyfriend and I had bought for him. He spent a lot of time lounging on the window by the grass, nibbling and gazing out at traffic pigeons people nothing. Unfortunately, Kitten's time with this fibre-y fare was cut short.

Shortly after the grass was full grown, I started to notice that it was turning yellow at the tips and becoming floppy. I googled these maladies and determined that the grass was being over-watered. I talked to Boyfriend about this since he was the one who had been watering the grass every day, to the point that there was always excess water in the bottom of the holder. Boyfriend essentially told me that if I didn't like his plant tending methods, then I could look after watering the grass myself.

I let the water-logged soil dry and started to water the grass as it appeared to need watering -- for about a day. Whereas Boyfriend over-water, I plain forgot to water. Soon after my semi-hostile takeover of the watering duty, the grass morphed from limp and yellow tipped, to a crackly, straw-coloured disaster. I would like to think that this happened during our weeklong trip to Bonnaroo (where we had my wonderful friend Andrea come and check on Kitten every few days), but in reality, I know that the grass had passed the point-of-no-return long before our Tennessee adventure.

I forgot to take a picture of the grass before throwing it out, but I found this picture which is pretty much exactly what a picture of the dead grass would have looked like.


Poor Kitten had his new found love ripped violently away from him, all because Boyfriend and I are failures at keeping things alive. Sometimes I really do think it is a miracle that Kitten is alive, but then I remember that Kitten is an agressive, un-coordinated, matted-monster beast... and it seems pretty accurate.


  1. I am SO glad that Kitten is back :)
    I have missed him.

  2. Aww thank-you! I am sorry I have be such a slacker, but reading your blog almost every day motivates me (or at least makes me feel guilty) to blog!