July 20, 2011

A Fur Coat in the Summer

It is HOT in here!

If you live in Ontario, I think you might have noticed that we are having a bit of a warm streek. Today, with the humidex (apparently this is a Canadian term -- it's an index used to calculate what the temperature feels like), it was 41 degrees (105.8 F). And tomorrow, well tomorrow is going to be 48 degrees (118.4 F). 

I am poor and I am lazy, so I do not have an air conditioner. I have a fan that I found in our apartment's garbage closet last year.  This is all fine and dandy for me since I love the heat. Or maybe I just really hate the cold. Either way, I could live like this everyday if it meant never being cold. 

Unfortunately, Kitten does not feel the same way. He is trapped in a fur coat, against his will, all summer long. He has spent the last few days spread out on the floor looking very hot and moving very little. 

What provides Kitten some relief from all of this heat, is the fancy new water fountain that Boyfriend and I bought for Kitten recently. 

We wanted to go to our friends cottage for four days and didn't think Kitten needed anyone to check up on him. Fill up his litter and give him several bowls of food and he is good for three or four days. He may be all matted and attention-seeking once we get back, but he is very much healthy and alive. The only trouble is that he gets his water all dirty. No matter how many bowls you put out, he gets them dirty. I am pretty sure this is because food gets stuck in his face-fur and gets transferred to the water bowls as he jams his flat face in to get water. We used to leave the toilet lid up because he would just drink out of there, but now that we are potty training him again (which I will tell you all about later), we can't do this. 

So, what did Boyfriend and I do? We went to our wonderful neighbourhood pet shop and bought a cat fountain. And let me tell you, Kitten LOVED it.  As soon as we started it up, he drank for seriously, half an hour. It was crazy. 

We are thinking that maybe Kitten was just super dehydrated because he hated drinking from his little water bowl. This might explain the problems he was having earlier... 

Once he was done he just watched the fountain -- for hours. 

The water fountain has become Kitten's new best friend and may possibly be saving his life during this heat wave. Sometimes, when he is just lying there looking hot and depressed, Boyfriend will pick him up and place him in from of the fountain. It's like he has forgotten about this existence of water, because as soon as he is in front of it, he will drink like hydration is the best gift he was ever given.

This is how he lies when he is hot and depressed.
We do feel pretty bad about how hot Kitten must feel. Boyfriend and I even considered giving Kitten a "Lion Cut." It is pretty self-explanatory, but incase you don't know what a lion cut is, see the picture below.
We decide against it.

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