December 24, 2011

A Festive Affair

Happy Holidays, whatever your holiday may be!

Mine is Christmas and this year I thought I would take some more Christmas themed pictures of Kitten,  à la 2009 (sorry, this year it is just Kitten in the pictures).

Kitten did what he always does when you put things on him, he froze, assuming he would not be able to escape anyway. So it was pretty easy to get a lot of pictures in.

Part way through I moved him to the couch. He stayed in this position the entire time. I am pretty sure I could have moulded him any way I liked, but I was starting to feel a bit bad for him, so I wanted to make it quick.

After this gem below, I stopped. Kitten clearly hated his life but didn't understand that he could just shake the hat off and run away.

Anyway, I hope these depressing pictures of Kitten brought a little cheer to your day!

Happy Holidays!


  1. This has me chuckling every time I see it.


  2. It's coming! I promise!

    I had been so busy with school that I had't felt much inspiration lately - but I have a few good stories in mind now...

  3. Kitten looks like he’s so done with everything. He has the true grumpy cat face. But he is still so adorable. Thanks for sharing these pictures of him.