December 6, 2011

While I'm Writing My Exam...

Okay, so something went wrong and I am having to post this now. But this is what I intended...


Guess what?

I am writing my exam RIGHT NOW.

That's right; I am in a classroom, writing my first exam of the term.

Now before you jump to the conclusion that I am the worst student ever to live, let me explain: This is a scheduled Kitten Blog, meaning that I wrote this on Sunday night, but had it scheduled to be published smack dab in the middle of my exam.

I thought I should use such a post to ponder how Kitten might spend his time while I am off spewing out more facts about corporations than anyone should ever really even know.

This is how I imagine his day is going:
Kitten will probably start off his day by lying on my bed, and rolling around a bit to make sure he gets his fur everywhere.
Afterwards, he'll probably go use the litter...
...and then have a drink from his Kitten Fountain.

Next, I imagine he will lie on the back of the couch, and distribute fur all over it too.
He will probably get bored of soft surfaces, like the bed and the couch, and move to harder ones, like the filing cabinet.

By now, he will want to go lie in...
... a couple of awkward positions.

And one more for good measure.
Kitten will then realize that he hasn't eaten in a while, and will go lie by his food bowls in hopes that his mere proximity to them will conjure the glory that is canned food. It won't. It never does.
After realizing that he can only eat dry food until my return, he will go and investigate the pigeons.
And then go back to the bed to get a bit more fur on it before I get home.


  1. No wonder that it is your exam but I love that you keep us posted on time. Apart from the lovely blog posts I will advise you to work on your studies as well.

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