December 20, 2011


I'm back! Exams are done and I could not be happier.

Kitten stuck by my side, even when I yelled at him for knocking my highlighters on the floor and chewing on my summaries. 

But even Kitten started getting a little impatient with all of my studying...

At first, he tried lying on things that I needed, even though it was clearly very uncomfortable for him. 

Yup, I need that.

When he realized that I would not hesitate to move him off of the things that I needed, he resorted to giving me the stink-eye while I studied.

This was on the other end of the stink-eye.

And when I ignored the stink-eye, he tried convincing me that he was depressed. But I would catch him trying to secretly play with a ball and I knew the depression thing was just an act to guilt me into paying attention to him.  

After exams ended, I took the first day off to sleep until an excessively late time of the day (for me at least). This did not impress Kitten. Kitten had gotten very used to me waking up early and feeding him before I started studying.

Kitten tried may things to convince me to get out of bed that morning. First, he lay uncomfortably close to me, so that when I opened my eyes he was approximately two inches away from my face, staring right at me.

This did shock me a bit, but only enough to convince me to rise to use the washroom. Kitten practically flew to the kitchen when I got up, but when he realized that the kitchen was not my destination, he sulked back to the bedroom.

Next, he tried meowing halfway between the bedroom and the kitchen. I only find this funny, because not only does he never meow for long periods of time, but because his meow sounds like some sad squawk. He never really got the hang of meowing.

After this, he headed back into the bedroom to walk around/on my head and shortly after bit my arm. But this was my first morning off and I was not going to break.

His final attempt was to open the curtains by jumping up on the window ledge and pushing them to the side a bit. This was frustrating.

I am proud to say, Kitten did not win. I won. I slept in and fed him when I was ready to. It was a proud moment.

(Please note that Kitten had dry food at all times. Kitten just wanted wet food. My laziness did not lead to any actual deprivation.)

That's all for now, but I will leave you with these pictures of Kitten investigating my attempts at making my apartment a little bit prettier. He gets confused by new things.

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