March 12, 2011

Re: Custody of Kitten

The polls have closed and the verdict is in...

In the event that Boyfriend and I were to break-up, I should get custody of Kitten. It's not like I would give Boyfriend a choice in the matter anyway; but it is nice to know that I would have some support. 

I would just like to say that for those of you who said Kitten would fare better in the streets of Toronto, I am ashamed at you. If you had read this post, you would know that Kitten is completely incapable of caring for himself. I am assuming that you voted this way because you would hope the be able to swoop in and claim Kitten for yourself.

I am also assuming that for those five of you that voted for Boyfriend, you only voted that way because you felt sorry for the poor schlub. I understand your feelings of sympathy, but do you really think that was the right choice? You voted to put the life of a little furry, helpless being into the hands of this:


  1. And keep in mind, people that Boyfriend's own family didn't vote for him to maintain custody of the grandchild!

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