March 9, 2011

Glamour Shots

Often, the pictures of Kitten that I post to this blog are quite unflattering. Many of the pictures I post are pictures of Kitten at his worst. I feel as though I have done Kitten a grave injustice. While it is true that Kitten often has hair stuck in his mouth, a toilet-water Samurai mustache and a ridiculous expression on his face, sometimes he doesn't. 

Today's blog post is a selection of what I like to call, "Kitten's Glamour Shots." Sometimes, Kitten likes to pose for his pictures in ways that are almost as ridiculous as when is he just being plain old Kitten.


"Sober Reflection" 

"The Marlon Brando"
"The Sideways No-Face"
"Blue Steel"

"Watchful Contemplation" 

1 comment:

  1. awesome. Kitten is truly beautiful.