March 24, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

In the post Kitten's Cat Naps, I shared a few of Kitten's favourite napping places with you. As you may have noticed (especially in #10), no matter where Kitten is sleeping, he is generally in some bizarre contorted position. Ever since Kitten was a little kitten, he has loved to sleep in what appear to be some of the most uncomfortable positions imaginable.

Starting from Kittenhood and progressing to Kitten at present, here are a few of the more memorable:

Above, we have a very crusty Kitten sleeping in the crevice of the couch.

To the right, a weird stretch-leg pillow thing seems to be happening.

To the right, we have another classic shot of Kitten in the prime of his adolescence. As you can see, he hasn't quite grown into his tail yet. Now this position seems to be some combination of retracted arms and a twisted lower torso with pointed toes.

Below, Kitten is starting to assume his current favourtite position, though as you will see, this one is more board like. He also seems to favour retracted arms and legs, but his tail is now straight.

You will notice from these picture that in his earlier days, Kitten preferred to sleep on soft things. This too has changed.

On the left, we have a slightly different variation: the jamming the body into a place it doesn't fit. And on the right, the beginning of the modern Kitten pose.

These two below are the most recent. They show kitten in his current favoured position. It seems to combine elements from numerous pervious positions. He has maintained the belly up position, as well as the retracted arms. However, he has moved away from the briefly favoured retracted legs and is once again favouring the spread leg position. He also seems to have moved away from the extreme rigidness of some of the previous positions and has resumed the slightly twisted torso, except he is now twisting his upper half.