March 30, 2011

A Paw Problem

Every morning before I go to class I quickly sweep the floor of our living room because, inevitably during the night, Kitten has made a mess of his litter. You may remember from my Potty Training post that litter woes was one of the main reasons that Boyfriend and I had hoped to potty train Kitten (and as you will also know if you have read the post, we failed horribly). You may also remember from Custody of Kitten, that I have the responsibility of maintaining the litter; this includes spillage.  

Now I think with any other cat, sweeping once per day would be enough, but kitten, he loves his litter box. He is in there AT LEAST five times a day. I think he might have some weird psychological obsession with it, maybe caused by our botched toilet training attempt. Honestly,  I swear that sometimes he just sits in there for a bit, doesn't do anything, and then comes out, getting litter everywhere. The picture to the right is one of those times.

But back to my story... 

So yesterday morning, I woke-up and swept like usual and sure enough by the time I got home around 3:30pm the floor look liked this:

It's not like we didn't buy one of those litter catching mats, because we did. And it's not like the mat doesn't catch litter, because it does. Kitten somehow manages to not only deposit litter in the catcher-mat, but also sneaks some past. He then slowing deposits specks of litter throughout the rest of our apartment.

       I started to wonder how this could be possible, and I think I figured it out. Kitten, has the most ridiculous paws I have ever seen. They are so hairy that he has trouble starting and stopping. When he tries to run from a stationary position, he looks like a character from Bugs Bunny because there is a brief moment when he isn't moving, but his legs are going. He also has equal trouble stopping and often slams into things (ie: RIP: Cheap Entertainment Unit Door). It is my opinion, that Kitten tracks litter everywhere because his paws are SO hairy that they trap large quantities of litter in them. See below:

So being the innovative being that I am, I decided to cut the hair off of Kitten's paws. Unfortunately, when this idea struck me, I had temporarily forgotten about Kitten's intense rage that is caused by pretty much anything. Basically, I got one paw done before Kitten almost ripped off my hand; so one paw now looks like this:

In case you were wondering, Boyfriend wasn't home to help hold him down.
Below is a comparative look:

Overall, Kitten was pretty unimpressed with the whole ordeal. And I swear to you, in the time that it took me to write this blog post, Kitten was in and out of his litter box, TWICE.

Oh, and the one trimmed paw did not make a different.


  1. hahaha. One of my cats is so like that...has a litter box obsession. He's in there ALL. THE. TIME.

    Very creative idea with the paw trimming.

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