March 11, 2011

Lord Kitten of the Flies

Before I start today's Kitten post, I wanted to remind everyone that if you would like to vote for who would be a better solo-Kitten-owner (obviously me), that you have until approximately 2:00am to do so. Let me say that Boyfriend was quite shocked that he had received 5 votes. I can only assume that these  were all pity votes. 

And now for the post... Enjoy!

Sometimes, Boyfriend and I wil be watching TV or studying and we will see Kitten sitting on the chair or filing cabinet staring at the wall or ceiling with unwavering interest. At first we assumed he had completely lost it. Then we realized that Kitten had spotted a bug. It turns out that Kitten has a knack for spotting bugs. Once spotted, he will sit and stare at it for incredible periods of time. I am often surprised at the attention span that Kitten has for bug watching. 

Kitten's interest in bugs resembles his interest in pigeon's (see The Day the Pigeon Came), except he doesn't make the weird grottal noises during bug watching. 

Most of the time, the bug is a ladybug or something similar. In the picture below, I am pretty sure it was a ladybug. If you follow Kitten's gaze, you can see it at the top of the photo. 

Now, about a year and a half ago, Boyfriend and I had a wee bit of a cockroach infestation in our apartment. However, as soon as I mentioned it to the landlord, they did something that fixed the problem almost instantly and I haven't seen any since. 

Kitten, did not share in my ecstasy when they disappeared so quickly. He had made friends with them and/or wanted to eat them. The cockroaches would generally only come out at night and they seemed to be getting in from the holes by the piping under our sink. Each night, Kitten would wait by the sink for them to emerge. He would sit patiently, and when one came out, he would catch it. 

You would think that it would be a good thing to have a "Roach Hunter" hanging around your apartment. Unfortunately, catching one in his paws was only phase one of Kitten's plan; phase two involved lifting his paws to look at it, at which point his prey/friend (which was clearly on a higher intellectual level than Kitten) would escape. 

While Kitten no longer has his 'roach buddies to keep him company, he does still manage to find bugs to watch. Below is a video of Kitten looking out the window very intently at something, which I can only assume was a bug. There was no pigeon on the balcony and he was looking straight up at the bottom of the balcony above us. Maybe this time he really had just gone crazy. You can watch the video and be the judge. 

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