March 23, 2011

Thing One and Thing Two

Boyfriend and Kitten have a lot of things in common: both love pizza (example 1; example 2), both just lie around the apartment, both love cheese, both make noises while breathing, both have rage issues (example), both grind their teeth, both have bad posture, both love Jersey Shore (see right), both like to take up unnecessary amounts of space on the bed, both have poor personal hygiene (example) and both expect me to feed them.

One other (maybe least expected) thing they have in common is allergies. Both Boyfriend and Kitten are constantly sneezing and dripping everywhere and neither of them seem to show much respect for where they do it.

Kitten likes to sneeze right on my laptop screen or directly on my face while I am sleeping and boyfriend likes to sneeze on me whenever he gets the chance. The most amazing thing about their shared allergies though, is that when they sneeze, it smells like beeswax after. Seriously, both Kitten and Boyfriend have beeswax smelling sneezes. 

Anyway, below is a cute video of Kitten sneezing. I am sure you could care less to see a video of boyfriend sneezing.

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