March 21, 2011

The Rage Within: Part I

I know I have mentioned that Kitten is quite agressive, yet it seems that my posts have generally focused on his clumsiness and peculiarities. To fully capture the true essence of Kitten, I need to demonstrate how brutally agressive Kitten can be. 

Unfortunately, we haven't capture Kitten at his worst on camera. When Kitten goes into a fit of rage, Boyfriend and I are usually too busy fighting over the best hiding spot. To help you visualize a rage infected Kitten, think "28 Days Later."

Rage can be induced by an unwanted brushing or nail clipping or simply a wrong look. Sometimes you don't even know he has been infect and you will be brushing you teeth and the next thing you know your ankles are being bit. I promise I will try to capture a video of Kitten while he is one of these states, but in the mean time, please enjoy this pictures of Kitten trying to bite my arm:

Part II coming soon.

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